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General situation

       In January 1997, the first employee & labor union congress of Wolong group was held, which established the company's first labor union committee and elected the committee members. At present, there are 16 branch labor union committees under the jurisdiction of the Union, a total of more than 2800 members. In recent years, the Union adheres to the guideline "Taken from the enterprise employees, giving back to them too". The Union actively cooperates with the Party committee to carry out education of staff and conduct activities beneficial to workers health problems, promoting the employees' self-education, self-management, self-improvement ideological quality, and safeguards workers' legitimate rights and interests, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of workers, so as to better promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of Wolong.
 Main honors

         The labor union of Wolong Holding Group has been awarded as the primary demonstration labor union in Zhejiang Province; Zhejiang Province Staff Library; Zhejiang Province "create a learning organization, become the knowledge workers" Demonstration Units; Shaoxing "three-level joint creation" primary demonstration labor union; Shaoxing the top ten highly skilled personnel training advanced unit; Shaoxing "cultural sharing project into the enterprise" demonstration service points; Shaoxing the three-star female workers living area (room); Shaoxing "May Day" women's pacesetter post; Shangyu advanced labor unions; Shangyu harmonious labor relation enterprise; Shangyu economic and technological innovation advanced collective; Shangyu workers living logistical support demonstration units; Shangyu ten workers living quarters (dormitories); Shaoxing City earthquake relief advanced collective; Shaoxing charity Award; Shangyu charitable donations outstanding contribution Award and so on.
Characteristic of the Union

        Adhere to the scientific theory as the instruction, with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought "three represents" as the instruction, the Union works with scientific development view.
       Adhere to the leadership of the Party, stick to the organizational leadership of the Party including the political line, political orientation, political principles and policies.
        Promote the development of the Group, organizing the advocacy work through the whole process of promoting reform, promoting development, actively participate in, and vigorously support.
        Maintain worker’s rights and interests according to law, science and human rights, changed from safeguarding rights passively afterwards to maintaining rights actively beforehand, make the work standard, institutional and legal, and improve the quality of protection work.
         Unit the masses of workers, cadres of enterprise and the Union should strive to become experts of organizing the mobilization of workers and coordinating labor relations, be good at propagandizing, organizing, mobilizing and relying on the staff, unite the masses of workers around the Union and the Party closely.
         Unite the nature of China's enterprise labor unions and the realization of the objectives of labor union together; construct the Union into a sound, well-placed, active, fictional and reliable worker’s family.