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Hangzhou Research Institute

Hangzhou Research Institute Co., Ltd. of Wolong Electric Group is one of Provincial enterprise R&D centers and Provincial high-tech companies. The company has one of the largest Post-Doctoral Research Centers. It has established long term cooperation with over 10 famous colleagues and institutes like Zhejiang University. It is the core institute of Wolong Group's strategic product development. Hangzhou Institute engages in development and sales of high-tech products like HV inverter, environmental monitoring and pollution treatment equipment, servo control drive system, rail traffic traction equipment, automation and system integration, which has been included in National Key New Products, National Torch Plan and Provincial Major Technology Program. The company has a very broad development prospect.
In order to adapt to the development need, gather innovation factors, activate innovation system, transform innovation achievements, and improve core competitiveness, Wolong invested 100m RMB to establish Hangzhou Wolong Electric Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou Binjiang National High-tech Industrial Zone in 2007. The company occupies 23000 ㎡ land. Overall floorage is 50000 ㎡. It is a subsidiary with independent operation and accounting under Wolong Electric Group.
Wolong Research Institute will utilize Hangzhou's advantages in location, information and talents, to integrate resources and expand high-end product field for Wolong. It will improve the marketization of high-tech products and drive Wolong's leaping development.