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Wolong ELectric(600580SH)

  Established in 1998, Wolong ELectric Group Co.,Ltd was listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange in June, 2002. The company has an annual sales of 3.146 billion RMB.  Wolong Electric currently has 4 Business Divisions, 14 Holding Subsidaries. Wolong has owned 8 production bases including Zhejiang Shangyu, Zhejiang Shaoxing, Ningxia Yinchuan , Hubei Wuhan, Beijing, Shangdong Yantai and Anhui Wuhu.
  Until now, the company is mainly engaged in motors and control, power transmission and transformations, power and battery. The company's products of 40 series more than 3000 varieties cover all kinds of motors and electronic-controlled devices, UHV power transformers, traction transformer for high-speed railway, complete sets of traction rectifier unit of UMT, UPS power, electric bicycle and engineering machinery and so on. The company is capable of producing all kinds of motors with an annual output of 8 million KW, all kinds of power transformers with an annual capacity of 120 million KVA, 1.3 million KVAH lead-acid storage batteries and 1 million KVAH lithium ion batteries annually. Our leading products--motor and control lead the international and domestic mainstream markets and support many national key projects. Some products share more than 25 percent of their markets. The comprehensive strength of the company  tops of the list in China motor manufacturing industry. 
  Wolong Electric also hosts Austria ATB Drive Technology Co., Ltd which is Europe's third biggest manufacturer of electric products along with ABB and Siemens. Our main products include high efficiency motor, premium efficiency motor, super premium efficiency motor and all kinds of motors for engineering. The products share more than 12 percent of European market, and are widely applied to the fields  oil extraction and refining engineering, environmental engineering, mining engineering and marine engineering. ATB has ten main manufacturing bases in German, Austria, UK, Poland and Serbia.

Wolong Real Estate(600173SH)

  Wolong Real Estate has the first national class of real estate development qualification. During the past 16 years, following the idea of “Create perfect real estate and achieve wonderful life”, basing on second and third tier cities, Wolong Real Estate wins the widespread affirmation and praise throughout market by successively developing “Wolong Vanilla Sky Villes”, “Wolong Vanilla Garden”, “Wolong Golden Lake Bay”, “QingyuanYiwu Trade City”, “Wolong Cambridge Spring”, “Wolong Green Landscape” and other large-scale properties spreading over Wuhan, Yinchuan, Shaoxing, Qingyuan, Shengzhou and Shangyu. Backed by robust strengthof the company, abundant talents, superior technology and good market reputation, Wolong Real Estate strives to grow from a regional brand to a national brand, becoming an influential real estate company in China within five years.

ATB Group (Wolong-ATB 000061783AT, Wolong-LILJJO.SI)

  On Oct 19th, 2011, Wolong Holding Group acquired 97.94% stock share of ATB group and successfully completed to restructure the Austria ATB group, becoming the actual controller of ATB group.

  ATB Group is a manufacturer of electric motor and drive system with a leading position in Europe. It headquarters in Spielberg in the state of Steiermark of Austria.

  ATB Motor Group Germany is a manufacturer of electric motor and drive system having a leading position in Europe, with over 80 years’ experience in the field of drive technology. Its products mainly include ATB motor (Austria) for home appliance and garden tools, industrial motor (Germany, Serbia), ATB explosion-proof motor (UK, Germany), ATB home appliance motor (France) as well as the research and development center (Austria) for auto industry.