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        The Battery Division is one of the four industry divisions of Wolong Electric Group, the main products are lead-acid accumulator, lithium ion battery and related accessories. Currently we have a production capacity of  1.3 million  KVAh 2V series, 6V series and 12V series fixed-valve-controlled sealed lead-acid accumulator and 1 million KVAh lithium ion battery. Our products are widely used in the area of communication,  electric power, railway, computer power supply etc. In the battery industry, Wolong has a high awareness and is main supplier of many well-known enterprises such as China Telecom, CMCC, China Unicom, Emerson etc.
          Wolong Electric Zhejiang Dengta Battery Co., Ltd, one of the subsidiaries belong to this Division, has over 50 years' experience of lead-acid accumulator production, owning strong design&development capability. Products cover starter, motive-power and fixed-valve-controlled sealed lead-acid accumulator series. The company scale and various economic indicators rank the top of Chinese accumulator industry. It's the main manufacturing base of Emerson power supply, and also the Chinese manufacturing base of Oerlicon power supply. The company passed the certification of ISO9002:1994 in 1996, ISO9001:2000 in 2003, and ISO14000, OHSAS18000 and UL in 2006. The fixed-valve-controlled sealed lead-acid accumulator in "Dengta" brand has got the TLC certificate specified by MII (Ministry of Information Industry) and the Network Access License from SARFT, passing detection of state authorities like MII, SGCC etc. The company is one of the draft unit of national standard and communication industry standard for lead-acid accumulator, and is vice-president unit of China lead-acid accumulator industry.

         Our aim is: Satisfying customer needs is Wolong's everlasting pursuit.