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New energy

  Wolong's new energy industry owns Zhejiang Wolong New Energy Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Wolong Dragon Energy Electric Power Development co., Ltd. 
Invested and co-founded by Wolong Electric Group Hangzhou Research Institute Co., Ltd and Wind To Power System SL in Spain in November 2012, Zhejiang Wolong New Energy Co., Ltd is specialized in Solar PV inverter’s research, production, sales and provide solution and maintenance service.
  Zhejiang Dragon Energy Electric Power Development Co., Ltd  is co-invested and co-found by Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Longbai Group Co., Ltd. Its products mainly include: solar photovoltaic (pv) project investment, design, development, system integration,  project construction and the power station operation management, photovoltaic power generation, solar photoelectron applications and construction engineering combined investment, design, system integration, project construction and management and the export business.
  Started with manufacturing, through industry consolidation, and technology integration, Wolong further broadens its photovoltaic product line, establishing their brands in the photovoltaic industry, optimize the structure of the Wolong new energy products and provide the important driving force and exemplary role for taking the first to achieve the transformation and upgrading of industry.