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Power transmission and transformation

  Division of Wolong Electric Power Transmission and Transformation (hereinafter referred to as Division) is a subordinate operating entity of Wolong Electric Group for power transmission and transformation products. The division's main products include power transformer, rail transit electrical equipment and system integration products. The division is also a mainstream supplier of the domestic electrified railway traction transformer, urban rail transit traction rectifier unit, oil immersion and dry-type power transformer, box-type substation, wind power combined transformer, rectifier, traction DC substation and other power transmission and transformation products.



Shangyu Ultra High Voltage Transformer Manufacturing Base

  The Company, located in Shangyu Hangzhou bay Industrial Park, is a domestic high-new technology enterprise producing power transformer for UHV and EHV power transmission and transformation.
The Company is located in Zhejiang Hangzhou Bay Industrial Park. It covers an area of 200000 square meters, with total assets of 630 million yuan. Its annual production capacity is 50 million KVA power transformers . 
  The company has imported and domestic leading production equipments, detecting, inspection and test equipments. It has purification workshops which can meet the conditions of producing UHV products. The Company has a large number of senior technical personnel and skilled workers, and has the ability of researching and developing, designing and manufacturing of advanced power transformer for UHV and EHV power transmissionandtransformation. In addition, it also has a strict and complete system of quality management, quality control and environmental control.