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Note: Use this site before you read the following articles. Use of this site indicates that you are aware of and accept these terms. If we do not accept these terms, please do not use this site. 
1. The use of site content 
The content of this site and edit the form will be protected by law, any unauthorized use may constitute copyright, trademark and other legal rights. The content contained in the Declaration on the Rights and other intellectual property rights, you should be respected and a copy shall be maintained in. If the content of this site without the right to a statement on its Web site does not mean that this is not right, nor does it mean that this website are not in favor of the rights, you must respect the legitimate rights and interests of these contents, and in good faith, reasonable and lawful to use And not in any way modify, copy the contents of such information or otherwise in any way the content of these data in order to open for business purposes, not for any purpose to the content of these materials will be used for any other Web site, print media or computer environment. If you are in violation of provisions of the above, you authorize the use of this site will automatically be suspended, at the same time you have to delete the site content have to download and print the destruction has been good with the contents of this site. According to the website of the right to the actual situation at any time to adjust services. 
2. Website information release 
This site does not guarantee the availability of information on this site, as well as the absolute accuracy of absolute integrity. This site described in a variety of products and services to provide content, such as their manufacturers, service providers released the latest information, which is subject to change without notice this site is no obligation. At the same time, this site does not guarantee the timeliness of the information on this site, there is no immediate obligation to update outdated content. 
3. Users of the information submitted to the 
In addition to the privacy of the site's terms of content, or any other mail you send to the site, such as contact information or personal information will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. When you use this Web site, there shall be no violation of law and public morality, not to have a site or by mail from the site by mail, send to contain any reactionary, obscene, pornographic, violence, insults, defamation of character, and other information, or site at any time More information or to delete an unlimited suspension of the above information when browsing the Internet without the need to obtain more information prior to submission of the agreement, there is no need to submit the notice after. At the same time, this site will depend on the seriousness of the case, for example, to decide whether to take write-off of its eligible customers, such as corresponding measures, and the result of losses from those who submit themselves. In serious cases may constitute crimes, transfer of authority to deal with. 
4. Users to exchange 
This site is not responsible for monitoring or review of the site's users to send or post messages to each other or separate exchange of any information, including but not limited to users in the chat rooms, forums and so on the platform of any exchange. Users of this site for these exchanges is not responsible for the content, but if the contents of these exchanges in line with the above-mentioned Article 3 of the cases, the Web site has the right to delete such content and take corresponding measures. 
5. From the Web site to download the software 
If you download software from this site, please read the software licensing agreement to bring the software provided to all the terms. If you do not accept all the terms of the license agreement, please do not download or install the software. 
6.'s Links with other sites 
This site and other sites link to you only as a convenience to provide services, this site is no obligation to review these sites. If you visit this site provides links to other sites, their potential and the results of any risk by your own, this site is not responsible. 
7. Exemption clause 
Use of this site may have your own risk, the site does not guarantee any form. This site does not guarantee the results of the use of absolutely satisfy the requirements of users, does not guarantee uninterrupted service. As a result of the situation of network, communication lines and so on any technical reasons and does not lead to the use of this site assumes no liability. Any organization or individual that the content of this site may infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests should be self-aware or should have known the fact that infringement from the date of the statutory time limit to the Web site of the written feedback, and provide proof of identity, proof of ownership and detailed violations demonstrate, Ben Wang received a standing above the legal documents and verified, will be as soon as possible to remove the allegedly infringing content, not the rights of people within the statutory time limit of the request, the Web site does not have any liability. The fault for this site, but by the third-party damage caused by violations, provides Benwang legal standing within the scope of the exemption, but in time have to take reasonable measures to prevent the loss of the expansion of the obligation. 
8. Supplementary statement 
The present application of the provisions of the People's Republic of China law, to retain the present site of the provisions of this site, as well as all the contents of the interpretation and the right to update. If any of the content of a conflict with the law, the provisions will be as close as possible to re-explain way, and the other provisions of the remains of users have legal effect and impact. At the same time, users of the site and agreed to submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of the People's Republic.