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Wolong Rongxin transmission fill the blank market of domestic medium voltage inverter in the field of high-power permanent magnet motor

Source:Update date:2016-11-28Browse Count:372

  Currently, British Hayward Tyler Group motor test station project, manufactured by Wolong Electric Liaoning Rongxin electric transmission, having complete independent intellectual property rights, contracted by the United Kingdom Severn drive and energy group, has officially completed debugging and delivered to customers.
  "I don’t think that your company can make it in one month, I even considered to book a ticket back to my country. However, your motor can run at the first trial, and reach up to the rated frequency at the second and third time as well as weak magnetism function. As far as I know, your Wolong is the Top 2 only after Siemens which can make it. Your Rongxin products are quite good!" Remarked by the Engineer of America FMC.
  This is the first time that the motor made by Chinese enterprise can successfully drive the medium-voltage high-power high-speed permanent magnet motor to steady operation and achieving weak magnetism function, which is quite important for the motor test station.