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Wolong’s Robot Industry Realized Cross-Pacific Exchange

Source:Update date:2016-11-28Browse Count:377


  Recently, a high-end team of robot industry from Massachusetts (USA), filed visited Wolong. Wang Jianqiao, the executive vice president of Wolong Holding Group, Chairman of Wolong Electric Group, and Zhou Jun, General Manager of Machinery Division, received them. Both sides exchanged extensive and in-depth information on the development of related industries. The team said, Wolong's high-end intelligent equipment industry has already started, two sides could make an in-depth docking cooperation, promote the development of the robot industry, help transformation and upgrading as well.
  These visitors came from various segments of Robot industry, including the head of the Boston Technology Venture Center who was from the Robotics Center of Massachusetts, and some representatives of robotics companies covering consumption, logistics, and automated material handling and so on.