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Carry forward the culture of Wolong Service production and operation

Wolong Qingjiang Electrical Motors Co., Ltd. promote corporate cultural construction vigorously

Source:Update date:2016-5-10Browse Count:632

         to further promote the marketing support capacity-building, carry forward the culture of Wolong, recently, Wolong Electric Huaian Qingjiang electrical motor Co., Ltd. carried out a series of cultural construction activities, aimed at rich amateur cultural life of employees, enhance staff cohesion, and create a harmonious and progressive atmosphere through the various managerial and recreational activities.
Consolidate team together, struggle to fight
        "Come on!" This cheer sound came from the basketball court behind the new staff canteen. After nearly ten days of intense competition, the competition between 5 participating teams including the QJEM team ended successfully. The overall event fully reflects the corporate cultural atmosphere “unit and cooperate, struggle and fight”.
          No wonder there are players said these words at the end of the game:”The stadium just likes the production site, the passion for the game mediated us from the busy productive work, and we enjoyed the process. Moreover, we had a further understanding of ‘fight in coordination, and never give up’ during the process of the game, this experience helps us to better tap our own potential, focus on production and operation targets, conspire together.”
Building safety culture, caring employees' health
        For traditional manufacturing industry, production safety is crucial. Especially in the current external severe situation and in the safety requirements made by the Group, the safety production was been put on agenda. To this end, Wolong carefully planned, invited professional organizations to carry out fire safety knowledge training and exercise for major personnel above workshop leader.
        Fire safety knowledge training and exercise, is an important part of company’s safety management practice, which is carried out several times every year. Through a series of exercises like fire safety case education, fire rescue evacuation drills and practice of fire-fighting equipments, deepen the cadres’ and staff’s awareness of production safety from theory and practice, and increase the emergency handling ability of coping with unexpected accidents, improve safety and risk prevention.
        Not only that, the company has established the duty system and monthly regular meeting system of safe production, at the same time, security incidents during the production process will be accountability, also, the Group Introduced and perfected the relevant assessment system to reduce safety accidents, and create a good environment for safe production.
Enhance professional skills, build industrial workers team
         "Technology is the key for the transition to high-end products. We are talking about not only  research and design technology, process technology, but also a excellent industrial workers team, which implement these technologies in concrete production line and production, installation, inspection of components.” said the person in charge of the skills competition.
         Around the industrial workforce building and with nearly a month of careful preparation, our company carried out a variety of skills competition and mobilized a total of nearly 70 workers, including embedded line workers, forklifts workers, welders and so on. Through these competitions, our company found a number of skilled industrial workers with craftsman spirit and build them as a industrial team. This is a motivation for every employees and is beneficial for  productive skills upgrading. "Such activities has been widely supported by us and is a strong motivation. We hope that such activities will continue in the future and become a festival of our own." said a prize-winning worker.
         In the era of economic restructure, market competition becomes more intense, around the competition factors such as cost, price, delivery and service, brand competition is particularly prominent in Wolong development pattern, and also a vital support for the transformation, upgrading and restructure. Behind the brand, it is company culture value that really matters, because it is widespread in the market and among the customers. Company culture is a protracted war, particularly for the acquisition enterprises, it is a must to focus on business goals , enhance team morale by the above activities, pass Wolong company values, enhance team cohesion, enhance the execution, so that employees can share development results and it also demonstrates good company image.