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Love in this world

Source:Update date:2016-4-18Browse Count:489

        Yu Chunshui is an employee in welding workshop of our company, who is 29 years old and entered our company in October 2013. He is good at technology, works diligently and cares for the team.
         Around 18:00 on March 11, Yu Chunshui suddenly felt a strong chest pain at work. After being sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a bad heart disease and stayed at ICU.
         The surgery required a total of over 200 thousand yuan, but the financial condition of Yu Chunshui’s family was not good. Facing expensive medical costs, his family could not afford it. After company leaders heard about this situation, they attached great importance to it and actively mobilize employees of the company to help almost dying Yu Chunshui. The contribution only took 2 days and raised a total of donations 23,670 yuan. After that, the company gave the donation to Yu Chunshui’s family in no time. It was still not enough for the disease, but it represented for the love and perseverance of each employee and the heat of life. Let’s hope that our love can help Yu Chunshui to get rid of the disease as soon as possible and return to us.