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Lantern Festival celebration

Source:Update date:2016-2-20Browse Count:342

        Year of the Goat is gone and year of the Monkey comes. At the night of 22 February 2016, Wolong Properties held a lantern riddles activity in the living area. In a joyous atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the property staffs created a strong festive atmosphere for all employees and their families by preparing early and arranging carefully.

         It is reported that every present employee can get Yuanxiao(a traditional chinese dessert) and play riddles games there.       "Property company is really considerable, we can eat Yuanxian here and play riddles games. Actually, prize is not important. The most important thing is that we have so many people here together, it feels like home.”said an employee happily, who worked far away from home.
          Property staff said that although the events took some effort, it is their honor to pass the fun and warmth to every employees, they felt very glad.
       At the end of the activity, everyone said that they had a good time that evening and felt the harmony and warmth of Wolong family in their free time.