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A complete success: “Third Wolong Good Voice” singing competition

Source:Update date:2016-5-18Browse Count:713


        To celebrate the "May Fourth" Youth Day, enrich employees’ life, enhance cohesion in the company and show employees’ talent, Wolong Holding Group held the third Wolong good voice singing competition "Celebrate May Fourth, Sing Youth" on the evening of May 4. It was a complete success.

         It is reported that the singing competition began collecting registration in the whole group from early April and has been widely supported by the majority of employees. Many Employees from across the country signed for the competition actively. Ultimately, there were 20 best competitors left for the finals.

         At that night, the Secretary-General of the Board in Wolong Holding Group, chairman assistant Xia Gangfeng, Wolong Holding Group deputy party secretary, labor union vice-chairman Song Liying, Executive Dean of management School of Wolong Holding Group Wang Zhiwei, Cao'e street Youth League Committee secretary Cai Ming, Wolong Holding Group League Secretary Shi Jiang and chorus president, senior musicians Ji Luwu attended the event and served as judges.

          During the competition, finalists tried their best to show their singing talents, which was really fantastic. In the end, with stunning passion, Zhang Jie from Zhangqiu Wolong Electric motors won the first prize by singing Sunnan’s song “Save”.