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Wolong•chuan xiang yuan opened officially

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          To improve the staff's dining environment, increase the quality of dining, Wolong Holding Group started the phased reconstruction project of staff canteen which at Renming West Road. The original dining room which on the first floor of Home Appliance Division has already been renovated, for the convenience of service and management, the canteen named "Wolong•Chuan Xiang Yuan", and opened officially on April 18th.

          The opening scene was very hot, employees formed a long queue. The vice chairman and president of Wolong Holding Group, Han Lijun; chairman assistant, secretary of the board of directors of Wolong Holding Group, Xia Gangfeng; deputy general manager of Wolong Electric Group, Zhu Yajuan, and other leaders came to the scene, affirmed the overall dining environment.

          Wolong•Chuan Xiang Yuan introduced professional catering management company, provides breakfast, lunch, dinner. Breakfasts are various, with no less than 20 kinds of northern flavor and local taste of all kinds of breakfast. Lunch and dinner are not less than 30 kinds, including fast foods, pasta (noodles with toppings) and colored snacks. The canteen supplies soup, flavor sauce and other seasonings which are all free, also free to add rice, and set up beverage vending machines, coin purchase.