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YQ Series high-start three phase asynchronous electric motor (Frame size H80-H355)

The motors are widely used in electricity, coal industry, petro industry, metallurgy, railway industry, transportation, chemical, paper making and irrigation.

  • Main feature
  • Major parameter

YQ series motors are researched and developed by QJEM. The motor is low voltage motor with high torque. (Frame size H80-H355). The power classification and mounting dimentions conform to IEC as well as DIN42673 in Germany. And also conform to GB/T21210-2007.

 (Operating conditions)
 (ambient temperature):-15℃≤tc≤40℃
  The motor should be used where the altitude below 1000m
The voltage can be designed according to client requirement.
The output can be designed according to client requirement.
The connection: below 4KW with Y connection , 4KW and above with △ connection.
(Insulation degree):155(F)
 (Protection degree):IP55

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